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5 November 2021

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5 November 2021

Earning potential up to

$135,000 per annum

On-site Web Developer
Bootcamp in Cape Town

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Our comprehensive full stack web development course teaches you to build your own dynamic, data-driven web applications. Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Express and React part-time in just six months, and future-fit your career as a web developer. Take the leap to learn web development today and build powerful websites, learn Javascript, HTML and CSS online, and more. By 2020, it’s projected one million computer programming jobs in the U.S. will go unfilled - as well as 700,000 in Europe - thanks to unprecedented demand for qualified web developers in the tech sector.

*The reported outcomes above are calculated from our most recent Graduate Report compiled with data collected from graduates of HyperionDev in 2017 and 2018. To understand how these outcomes were calculated and to see all the details download the full report here.


Explore web development essentials, and back-end, front-end and full stack development in a comprehensive bootcamp. Take your web development career to the next level, and become an expert developer in only 3 months. Let’s take a closer look at the curriculum of the bootcamp and what you can expect to learn.


An Introduction to HTML & CSS

Explore HTML, the standard markup language used for creating web pages. Learn about HTML elements, tags and attributes, and how HTML uses markup to describe a web page’s structure.

Intro to Java

Programming Fundamentals using JavaScript

What is JavaScript, and how does it relate to HTML and CSS? Explore JavaScript, and its variables and arithmetic operators.


Using jQuery

jQuery makes it much easier to use JavaScript on websites. Learn the fundamentals of this lightweight JavaScript DOM library.

first website

Build your first website

Create an online store using HTML & CSS. Apply your new JavaScript skills to add a shopping cart to your store & use jQuery to make your website interactive.

react js

Create apps with ReactJS

Learn to use ReactJS, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces, and create React applications that respond to events.


Introduction to Node.js and Express

Get familiar with Node.js and the Express web framework for Node.js. Learn the importance of using test-driven development.

version control

Version control

What is version control? And what is Git, and how do you install it? Explore how to set up a repository for a new or existing project & use common Git commands.

next js

Server-side rendering with Next.js

Create dynamic pages and web apps using Next.js, the React framework for server-rendered apps. Create a custom server for your Next app using Express.

pattern designs

Various approaches to web development

Introduction to design patterns including MVC, the MERN stack, and various frameworks for web development. Also covers advanced JavaScript & brief on UI/UX design.


Express, Node.js, and ReactJS

Learn about Express & Node.js. Use Node.js to create event-driven programs. Create a skeleton website using Express. Learn more about React.js.


Creating a database using MongoDB

Get started with MongoDB and create a brand new database. Learn how to get React to interface with MongoDB and Node.js.

web service

Web services and APIs

Learn to use Javascript functions, objects, web services and APIs in your code for functionalities such as login, payments, Google Maps, and authentication (using Passport).


Bootcamp certificate

Walk away with a newly minted certificate as evidence of your skills and expertise.

CV Prep

Technical CV and portfolio

Receive technical assistance in getting your CV industry-ready according to accepted best-practice format.

Interview Prep

Interview preparation

Know what to expect when getting ready for that big interview with expert interview preparation from professionals who have been where you are.

Hiring Partners

Join our hiring network

We work with select hiring partners to place our students in new jobs within 6 months of graduating. There are also internship placements available with select partners.

What you get

Receive personalised mentorship and career coaching as you work your way through industry-aligned course content. With code reviews within 36 hours, professional feedback and direct referrals to our handpicked hiring partners, you are well on your way to landing that dream job you’re after.


Join our Cape Town campus and community

Become part of a like-minded community of aspiring developers with the same career goals as yourself - share knowledge and tackle problems together at our on-site campus. Be empowered and get inspiration from your peers throughout your learning experience.


Job search support and career coaching

Our bootcamps are more than just educational programmes - they include a comprehensive period of transforming your CV to a technical one that will get you developer job interviews, direct referral to our hiring partners in Cape Town and potential internship placement at select partners, mock job interviews run both online and in-person, and a career search community of students and graduates from your same programme. This is one of the reasons over 70% of our graduates find their new tech job within 3 months of graduating, and why 95% reach their career outcomes.


Personalised support

All of HyperionDev’s courses — whether online or in-person — are driven by best-in-class expert support. Our on-site programmes include lectures and direct face-to-face access with a teaching assistant who will support you in solving problems in real-time on a regular basis. You will also have the help of an online mentor who will provide tailored feedback and continuous code reviews to get you to developer-ready in months rather than years.


Write industry-quality code

Never get stuck on a coding challenge. Even when you’re not learning in the classroom, you’ll have full access to reviews of your code and assignments via our web learning interface. Your mentor and our team of remote reviewers will assess the accuracy, style and efficiency of your code in the same way that real industry developer teams do, so that you can learn how to structure your code to write software that is both industry-quality and 100% correct.


Free bootcamp prep

Complete our free coding preparatory course to better understand the course outcomes, in-class learning platform and mentor support of HyperionDev’s bootcamps. Join the online community to hear success stories from current and past HyperionDev students and prepare for your application to our onsite programmes.


Quality course content

Enjoy access to relevant, and industry-aligned course content that is updated regularly - not just once every few years. Feel confident that you’re mastering what is in-demand in your industry, whether you’re learning JavaScript or Data Science. Our courses are continually reviewed to align to latest industry needs.

Want to read more about our advanced human mentoring?

How to enrol

We’ve made it easy to enrol on our online bootcamps. Follow the simple steps below and secure your spot on our industry-aligned bootcamp and lay the foundation for a successful career in coding.

step 1

Step 1

Choose your bootcamp

Select the bootcamp you’d like to enrol for.

step 2

Step 2

Complete your application

Finish the trial tasks and confirm a time to discuss your enrollment with a course advisor to secure your spot.

step 3

Step 3

Choose a payment plan

Upon completion of your free trial, upgrade to the full bootcamp. Select any of our flexible payment plans when enrolling.

step 4

Step 4

Get started on the 5th

All our bootcamps start on the 5th of each month. Enroll today to secure your spot.

How our mentorship works

Our on-site programmes merge our world-class, mentor-led online learning environment with in-person physical classes. You'll have access to our physical campus to attend group lectures, as well as 1:1 tutorials online with your mentor. You will submit work through our online platform, where your coding submissions will be graded on-demand by your mentor, and where you’ll be able to speak to our teaching assistants about any challenging topics you've encountered. Live chat, email, phone, and video call support will also be available through our online platform when you're not on-campus.


TThe mentors that guide you learned their craft at CoGrammar, and have studied for years specifically towards a career path as a full-time code reviewer and bootcamp mentor. CoGrammar runs the most selective programme in the world for sourcing and training in this unique career path, which is designed to maximise the success of bootcamp students around the globe.


1-on-1 support

Detailed professional feedback

Have your code reviewed for quality and accuracy, and check whether it’s aligned to industry standards. Benefit from professional feedback by your dedicated mentor who’s available to share insights and expertise to inform and improve your coding.

On-campus lectures

Join daily lessons as a full-time student or weekly evening tutorial sessions when studying part-time. These on-campus support sessions are critical towards mastering the more complex aspects of your bootcamp.

1:1 tutorials

As a part-time or full-time onsite student, you'll have direct access to industry expert software development mentors that you can book unlimited online calls with if you're studying full-time, or weekly sessions if you’re a part-time student.

Coder community

virtual campus

HyperionDev virtual campus

On this online forum, you can engage with the wider community of HyperionDev, including students, alumni and our other mentor staff. Meet fellow students in your cohort and bootcamp. Chat to HyperionDev staff about your career placement post bootcamp. Share resources, memes and Youtube videos, or share your code snippets to figure out why it’s not running. In addition to your personal mentor sessions, weekly calls, and code submissions, this online forum will make sure you will always have someone to turn to.

In person

In-person learning community

You're not alone. Your cohort all have the same career goals as you, and you'll join a community of like-minded aspiring developers to participate in classroom discussions, team-building exercises, and social events. Being a developer is more than just working alone at your computer - immerse yourself in a developer ecosystem and community.

Job seeker

Job seeker community

The last portion of your bootcamp studies - whether studying part-time or full-time - will include career support. Practice mock interviews with your mentors and peers, get insights into the local market for developers in Johannesburg or Cape Town and find prospective employers through Hyperion's hiring network.

Meet your mentors

Work 1:1 with a mentor, a specialised trainer who’ll review your code to make sure it’s accurate and aligned to industry standards. Your dedicated mentor is available for personalised mentorship to guide you throughout your journey and help you master the course content. Look forward to professional feedback, frequent video calls and a personalised schedule tailored around your needs.

Mentors powered by

cogrammar logo


Daniel is a creative who switched from Classical Music to coding after he realised the power that technology had to change people’s lives. Having completed his studies in Information Technology and Software Engineering, Daniel now helps hundreds of students on the journey that he himself took into the new world of programming. And thanks to his background in customer service and his experiences in switching careers to tech, he has a unique perspective for helping newcomers through difficult patches, and a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that beginners can easily understand.



Imraan is a mentor, code reviewer, and web developer who thrives on writing clean and efficient code. Every day he helps HyperionDev students improve their code writing, build impressive projects, and work towards finding their dream jobs. Imraan learned how to code professionally from a Web Development Bootcamp, giving him the ability to understand the experiences and difficulties of those he personally mentors. Through his experiences and insights, he helps students to make consistent progress towards graduating as professional programmers themselves.



Ridhaa has had a years-long interest in coding, and his personal journey to being a mentor has taken him from IT classes in school, all the way to his formal OCA certification for JavaSE7. Ridhaa has been a mentor with us for two years, and his consistent drive for personal coding education and on-the-job training has taken him to be one of our most well-rounded mentors in all three of our bootcamp specialisations. Ridhaa’s number one responsibility? To get you to your graduation with the skills to tackle any coding project.

Develop your portfolio

Enter the job market faster after you graduate with a comprehensive portfolio, and vie for competitive roles in your new career. You’ll complete capstone projects throughout the bootcamp which will populate your portfolio, showing off real examples of your newly acquired skills to prospective employers.

web dev essentials

Web Development Essentials

Complete 2 capstone projects in this level.

Create an online store using HTML & CSS. Apply your new JavaScript skills to add a shopping cart to your store & use jQuery to make your website interactive.

backend dev

Web Development with React and Express

Complete 2 capstone projects in this level.

Master using React and Express to create your own web applications. Understand how to set up a repository and start using version control and Git commands.

full stack web dev

Full Stack Web Development

Complete 2 capstone projects in this level.

Firstly, use MongoDB to create a data-driven website, using your Express & Node.js skills. Create a web application that covers all ReactJS concepts introduced. Lastly, test and refactor your code and deploy your web application to HEROKU.

Setting your schedule

Whether you are studying full-time or part-time, you’ll have access to code review and feedback from industry experts in real time. Set your schedule that suits your needs, and look forward to working your way through industry-aligned course content that will empower you in your new career.


40 hours per week commitment

In-person guidance and assistance on any task

Receive code review & feedback in your lecture or the next day if completed online

Gain full access to our Johannesburg and Cape Town Campuses 5 days a week

Join a daily in-person lecture on campus

Wifi provided on campus

Schedule unlimited online one-on-one 30-minute mentor sessions

Full access to our online learning platform and community

Career coaching, interview preparation, referral to our hiring network

Easy payment plans so you can focus on your studies

We have various pricing plans based on your style of learning.

View bootcamp pricing


We make it even easier for ambitious and passionate students to learn to code, and switch to a rewarding career as a software developer or data scientist. Learn more about the scholarships HyperionDev currently offers.


37% off bootcamp tuition

If you are currently a full-time student or unemployed in South Africa, then you qualify for this Needs-Based Scholarship for South Africans. This scholarship was created in hopes of making high quality coding education possible and accessible to all. Apply for the Needs-Based Scholarship and receive 37% off your bootcamp tuition using our monthly payment plan. Available to residents of South Africa only.

Learn more

Career services

We’re with you every step of your journey, and our support doesn’t end when you graduate. Our post-bootcamp career support services help to prepare you for the world of work, so you can find a developer job as quickly as possible.

We provide technical CV insights and interview preparation, and give you access to a platform that allows you to connect with our hiring partners.



Validate your newly acquired skills with a certificate of completion from HyperionDev upon graduation from an online coding bootcamp.


Technical CV and portfolio

Receive technical assistance in getting your CV industry-ready according to accepted best-practice format.


Interview preparation

Know what to expect when getting ready for that big interview with expert interview preparation from professionals who have been where you are


Join our hiring network

Receive access to our job portal, which allows you to connect with hiring partners across the world. There are also internship placements available with select partners.

What our alumni say

Throughout the years, we’ve helped many people acquire new coding expertise and sharpen their skills as they prepared to embark on new careers. We can tell you a lot about our bootcamp, personalised support, instant feedback and industry-aligned course content – but we think our past students say it best.


All your questions answered. Learn more about our bootcamp, your career questions and other important things you need to know.

What you need to know

Download full syllabus

Want to know more about our bootcamp? Download the full syllabus, and learn more about this comprehensive coding bootcamp.

Download grad report

The Graduate Outcomes Report provides you with an in-depth look into salaries, job titles and career outcomes you can expect after graduating from HyperionDev.

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